A brief history of Otters

Hello from the otter side


Why Otters?

Otters are hard-workers and they always have fun while they’re doing it and that’s exactly what we do here!

How the Crew came together?

At the very core of the OtterCrew stands a close friendship between us, the founders, built during our years of working together for different companies. This continued afterwards, as each of us found ourselves working as freelancers for different international clients, from medium to million-dollars companies. The idea of the agency came to us spontaneously, as we continually needed the skills of each other to deliver greater projects for bigger clients. During this time we learned that by combining our individual skills, we could be more powerful and we could deliver better and faster.
After a couple of years we noticed that, in a way, we had already become an agency. So, we decided to move further to structure and formalize it so we could handle more projects and clients.

Web Artisans from the Future

We are very excited every time a new technology or framework is released into the wild and we keep a close eye to see how we can make use of it in our next great project. However, we believe that a great developer can’t be an expert in every technology or platform out there, so we always focus on providing only what we do best! Having that said, we consider ourselves experts in WordPress development, Frontend (HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript) and backend development focused on Laravel Framework.

Only agencies or great designers!

Our focus is to help design agencies or individual designers to provide a more complete range of services to their customers by supporting them during the development process from start to finish.
Our strategy is to naturally fit into our client’s existing company structure to support them with everything related to development, making it easy for them to deliver quality web-based products.
We have delivered plenty of great projects to happy digital agencies and we are doing just that, even while you are reading this.

Clients say

Wowholic has been working with OtterCrew on multiple projects and they always delivered great work on time. It is a pleasure to work with them and we are looking forward to more projects with them.Tobias Henning, Wowholic – Munich, DE

Working with OtterCrew is one of the best things I did for my business. I am a web designer and sometimes I get stuck on tricky development problems. This is where OtterCrew comes in. I will let them know the issue, and they are always able to find the solution, no matter how complicated the issue may be. Working with OtterCrew has been easy, and stress-free, and they always get the job done on time. They are always trust-worthy, quick and efficient and I would highly recommend them as expert web developers! Victoria Myrand, vmdesignlab – St. Clair Shores, MI

I feel secure when handing a project to OtterCrew because I already know they will finish it as it should. They have helped me increase my agency reputation regarding web projects and that has ended up with more web clients. Super Duper!Andres Cuellar, Superlative Creative – Miami Beach, FL