Our Services

We offer a wide range of web development services in both

front-end and back-end. Have a look at our list and if you

have questions reach us directly.

Front-End Development

Using state-of-the-art web technologies, we develop pixel-perfect user interfaces and user experiences.

WordPress Theme Development

We are experts developing high-standard custom WordPress themes using the best coding standards and practices.

WooCommerce Development

We find WooCommerce to be one of the most efficient, seamless, and extendable e-commerce solutions for our clients.

Back-End Development

We can build any custom solution for you, from a small internal system to a warehouse management system. You name it, we do it! 

WordPress Plugin Development

We have a deep understanding of the WordPress core and we use that knowledge to develop custom plugins to fulfill different business needs.

Page Speed

We offer page speed optimizations, to make your site blazing fast. Google loves fast sites, and they will add yours to their favourites list.

Our process

We have a very simple four-step process
that we follow to deliver digital products.

01. Project Specifications

Detailed project specifications are the key to a smooth project delivery, we can work together to help you propose the best solution to your clients.

02. Development

Actual feature implementation happens during this phase, we develop the product based on project specifications and requirements.

03. Delivery

We will deliver the project to your or your client’s infrastructure so it’s ready for the real world!

04. Continuous Support & Maintenance

Delivering the project doesn’t mean we are gone, we would love to help you improve the project, add new features and maintain it, so it is always up to date!

How we do it?

We would love to show you how we work,
please have a look at our back-end and front-end workflows.

Our Back-End Workflow

We offer a range of back-end services, from small tools to complex systems. We are well experienced in PHP & NodeJS
Often, the core of our back-end projects is based on Laravel, which is the most known PHP framework. If customers would like to have a specific framework one like Symfony or a custom-built one, we’re up for it!

To house the project, we consult with the client and decide what’s the best solution for them. The server could be based on Apache or Nginx. Data is stored on MySQL or MongoDB

We use Docker to create instances that are based on production specs. Most of us use PHPStorm as an IDE.

Our Front-End Workflow

Using the latest web technology toolkits in our frontend workflow we make sure your product looks great, loads fast and it’s adaptable to all desktop and mobile devices.

We mostly use CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation during our custom theme development. This is accompanied with Sass, Gulp, Webpack, Babel etc. to make sure that everything is well manageable and scalable. We don’t have a set rule for IDE, but most prefer WebStorm.

One of the most important things for our front-end projects’ success is the collaboration between designers and developers. Pulling developers into the early stage of the design process, frequent communication throughout the build, exchanging ideas and updating each other produces wonderful results.

Got Questions?

If you have anything particular that you want to discuss with us
we would like to have a conversation with you